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May 22 2018

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Incredibles/Incredibles 2

Holy fuck she knew

Wait…wait a minute, wait a minute, I just realized something!!!

What if she did know?

Think about it, Helen goes in to talk to Edna but Edna has already prepared a series of supersuits that are perfectly designed for every situation she and the kids are going to be in. And for some reason, we’ve all just accepted that, yeah, she’s Edna Mode, she would know these things, she’s just like that.

But what if we’ve all been missing something right in front of us?

We know Edna has affiliations with the government agency and has obviously been making suits for decades. Do you think the government is just going to get a random fashion designer to make these suits? Absolutely not.

They’re going to get a Super.

What if Edna is a Super with the power of future-vision? 

That’s how she knows exactly what suit to make, that’s how she knows that the kids are going to be in danger, that’s how she’s so aware of everything going on around her and catches everyone off guard.

She never looks back; she looks forward.

(Sorry for hijacking your post, OP.)

which is why the whole cape thing hit so hard. she didnt see it coming

I love the idea of a Super whose power is to amazingly see into the future and she just uses it for fashion design.




if i was a pirate captain i would get a movie projector and play a movie on the big sails every friday night for my boys to kick back and enjoy some time off unless we were under attack

Pirates legit did the 16-17th century equivalent of this. When things were slow, they would put on plays, act out dramas of stories they knew, or freestyle. The most preferred model of original productions was courtroom drama: “trying” each other for piracy. The “accused” would list off their many, dramatically and humorously embellished crimes, and be equally dramatically sentenced. Sometimes there was a daring escape, sometimes just a really maudlin death scene, but a good time was had by all.

As we all suspected, pirates are theater nerds.





the best kind of bird are the really short and fat ones. i love them 

!!!!! beautiful!! this is the best bird in the world!!!!!!!! 


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If you’re trying to curse, you can’t here. That’s bullshirt.

May 21 2018


Roman legionnare: wow fucking idiots named all their rivers the same thing

Celtic dude: wow fucking idiot doesn’t know what a river is



You don’t have to fake orgasm to help your partner’s ego. The guy I lost my virginity to wrote a play about the experience, and the character based on me gave a monologue about how she regretted sleeping with him because no one else would ever be that good. So, yeah. Just tell him you didn’t cum. 

Im sorry he wrote a fucking what

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c-can i offer you a snack?

i-i cant offer you much, but…

…perhaps this is to your liking?




Me on Tumblr app after finally reaching the end of a long post I wasn’t interested in:

Pro-tip: Press J and it’ll skip to the next post :)

Me on Tumblr app trying to find the J button:





Blind people must save a lot on electricity.

They do actually!

I had a blind professor, last semester, and I swung through his office to make up an exam. It was a while before I knew he was in there because he was sitting with the lights off. I finally went in, apologized, and took the exam by the light of a nearby window (which was fine). Forty-five minutes into dead silence he panicked and yelled in this booming voiced, “WAIT, YOU CAN SEE!!!” before diving across his desk to turn on the lights. I’m sure he was embarrassed but I thought it was endearing and it highlighted a large aspect of disabled life that I hadn’t previously considered.

Sort of relatedly I once had professor who was deaf, but she had learned to read lips and speak so she could communicate easily with hearing people who didn’t know sign language. One day she had gotten off topic and was talking a little about her personal life, so that one of the students said “Oh, I know, I grew up in Brooklyn too.” 

She stared at him for a long time and then said “How do you know I’m from Brooklyn?”

And he said “You have a Brooklyn accent.”

She said “I do?” and the whole class nodded, and then she burst out laughing and said “I had no idea!  The school where I learned to speak was in Brooklyn.  I learned by moving my mouth and tongue the way my teachers did.  So I guess it makes sense that I have their accent, I just never thought about it.”

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Am I the only one who thinks the P90 prototype design is funny as hell and horribly awesome at the same time.

That’s um….wow. I got no words.

What….uh exactly was this prototype meant to achieve? Just a proof of concept of the unique magazine design or…functionality of a weapon that…I guess is not shouldered?

It was ment to prove functionality of the mag design and feeding system.

Kriss Vector prototype is nuts too

Dear God!!

prototype SMGs are basically just Armored Core machineguns

May 20 2018

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so cute 😻😹(x)


people have so little appreciation for craftsmanship and it’s frustrating and sad. like i saw this video on facebook of a guy making a small throwing axe by hand, from start to finish, and half the comments were like “or just buy an axe for $15”

the dude didnt just want an axe! he wanted the experience of handwork, he wanted to engage in a tradition of craftsmanship, he wanted to practice skills. the process of making things is about so much more than the thing you make

if i knit a hat, the fact that i’ll have a hat at some point is tertiary to everything else i get out of the experience. it’s meditation, it’s how i interact with a community, it connects me to a history, it mediates my anxiety, it’s a sensory experience, it’s me engaging with my body in a way that is careful and thoughtful and elegant and beautiful

handwork is so devalued for a lot of reasons, and those reasons are almost always socially complex – there’s a lot to be said about how class and gender play out in different hobbies; how cost can become prohibitive in learning skills that were once vital to the poor, how certain kinds of labor have become a luxury, how histories of gendered labor cause that labor to become mocked. all of those things and so many more are difficult to grapple with

automation tends to lead us to believe that making is all about things, but when you practice handwork, you give the process its own kind of value and reap all its intangible rewards. if i could explain one simple thing to anyone who has ever asked me why i don’t just buy a hat, it’s that there’s a lot more involved in a process than just its product.

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Reminder that the foot models in Skyrim are literally just shoes with a foot texture slapped over it

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my favorite thing about nailed it is the baking tips that just straight up roast the contestants

a cake made with only eggs, milk, oil and sugar is an omelette

May 19 2018

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April 5 2018 - Workers at the South Korean division of General Motors trash their CEO’s office, after learning that none of the workers would get their bonus this year, when GM increased its’ total cash reserves by $2.69 billion in 2017. [video]

God, I love South Koreans. They know how to throw down. Every image I see of protests in South Korea it’s always like everyone, from students to elders, standing up to riot police with water cannons and perspex shields. Amazing.

i love this. i always say “attack property, not people,” and this is exactly what i mean. if they went after the ceo himself, they’d make a sympathetic victim of him. but this here? this is a very public and unmistakeable act of contempt, but if he tries to paint himself as some kind of martyr he’ll just get raised eyebrows. oh no, they moved your desk into the parking lot. poor baby.

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